As changes continue outside the home, TL DESIGNS continues to change things inside. 😉 Below are a few spaces I’ve had the honor to transform over the past few months. Whether your conscious of it or not, your environment has an effect you emotionally, spiritually and physically. My advice to you? Don’t just fill your space, FEEL your space.

Behold! The power of paint, proper layout and fabulous furniture & accessories …

These clients surprised their teen daughter for her birthday with a whole new bedroom! We took a few notes together about what she liked and she had mentioned that she desired lavender, glam and loved golden retrievers. Other than the dimensions I gathered during winter, I resourced everything for this space online. I had never done this before so it was a little challenging, but it turned out beautifully!!

These clients desired an updated look for their most used room in the home. A few existing accessories made the cut but we upgraded the sectional, purchased minimal furniture and fresh new accessories and…

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