Step 1. Consultation. During this time, I have the opportunity to discover who you are, how you live, and what you and/or you family desire for your living space. We go over functionality, purpose, concept, style preference, budget and your desired time frame. Consultation fee is $175 per hour.

Measurements and before photos may be taken during this time as well.

Step 2. Retainer When client decides to hire TL DESIGNS, a minimum upfront retainer is required. This ensures my availability and is a commitment on clients’ behalf they will be hiring TL DESIGNS for professional services discussed during the Consultation.

Step 3. 2D/3D Renderings. (not always requested/required) The foundation for adequate design is efficient space planning with appropriately scaled furniture and accessories. This helps the client see a clearer picture for the overall layout and feel of the space.

Step 4. Contractors. If contractors are required to execute the agreed design concept, client may take this time to reach out to their own contractors or provide preferred resources. This includes contractors whom paint, install tile/stone/etc, cabinetry, lighting, flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, moulding, etc.

Step 5. Paint (if needed), Furniture & Accessory Selection. With a clear design concept, we start the selection process. Considerations for this are based on budget, style, online or locally sources materials/goods.

Step 6. Researching/Shopping/Purchasing. We will discuss during consultation whether client prefers TL DESIGNS to handle some or all of this portion of the project. *All is preferred.

Step 7. Delivery & Install. Once everything has arrived in the home, we will set a time for me to place and hang everything. *Additional items requested or needed, returns and/or exchanges needed will also happen during this time.

Step 8. Satisfied Client & After Photos! It is my purpose to create a unique and beautiful space leaving you 110% satisfied. Once client(s) are happy with their new beautiful space, with client consent, I take a few after photos and project is complete!