“It’s hard to call a now friend a designer, but could not have hoped for a better designer. So happy with everything! It’s funny because I needed someone who could handle stuff professionally, but then turn around and instantly laugh at the whole process. Attempt to hug window treatment installers that don’t want to be hugged, go on-site to visit places for the important sh*t and absolutely nail any vision I had to fill the gaps. Someone who delivers on constant progress and keeps me in the know so I never feel there is a pause in this operation. Someone who can ship me three boxes containing four thousand dollars worth of chairs and then gift me a bottle of cat repellent that doesn’t work…lol! I wanted this process to be fun, lighthearted, creative and highly skilled and that’s exactly what it is! Anyway, just wanted to say, “Thanks! I appreciate your work!” – Edward H., Broomfield, CO

 “I just finished working with Teresa on some house projects including a bathroom remodel, updates to my kitchen and interior and exterior painting. She is truly extraordinary! She has a vision and a way of executing her ideas that make me feel like I am living in a brand new house. Trust me she was not happy unless she found the absolute perfect piece, whether it was something as simple as a throw pillow or something bigger like the perfect shower tiles!! I could go on and on but her attention to detail and her enthusiasm make her an absolute delight to work with!” – Meredith W.

715vwvp5zel “I had the pleasure of working with Teresa on the interior design of my house. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to turn my thoughts and ideas into tangible living spaces was amazing! She was able to keep all of my current furnishings, rearrange them while adding some additions, and turn all of my rooms into very comfortable and visually appealing areas to live. Teresa truly cared about customizing my house to suit my lifestyle, preferences, and personal style all while providing advice, options, and always keeping within my budget! My house went from randomly placed items collected throughout the years, into a truly amazing place, very well laid out, where I enjoy spending my time and inviting guests over to entertain. Everyone who has come in my home has been amazed at how much it has improved! I highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking for an interior designer and plan to utilize her skills again on future projects!” – Brian M.

715vwvp5zel “I reached out to Teresa seeking her expertise when an interior redo was long overdo. The thought of decorating was overwhelming to me and Teresa made it easy. Teresa was extremely helpful and patient when it came to explaining how certain colors, materials and textures blend. Teresa is very knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate!”  -MR. & MRS. S.

715vwvp5zel “When it came to designing our new massage studio with that theme, the Elements team turned to TL Designs, a local company recommended by friends within the local community. After an initial meeting where a concept for the overall design was discussed and a budget agreed to, TL Designs began working diligently to produce a creative concept. The original concept was nearly the same as what ended up going in the studio during construction. The possibility that TL Design’s lead designer, Teresa Lipsey, could come so close to the actual concept with a first draft demonstrates what a professional and talented designer she is.

Teresa made multiple recommendations in keeping with the desired theme and mood the concept called for. Ultimately, the complete atmosphere conveyed upon entering the massage studio and the consistency which strikes so many of our clients is due to TL Designs and the incredibly thoughtful, meaningful, and tasteful touch Teresa Lipsey and her team provided. As you enter the studio, you realize it is not a spa. It is a retreat. It is designed to speak to you and bring you closer to your home, Colorado.

TL Designs is the only designer I will use to complete another project of this scale. With nearly 1800 square feet to cover and only architectural drawings to begin with, TL Designs surmounted the obstacle of designing a massage studio during the construction phase, with little more than blank walls, promised colors, and trust. Teresa’s insight in implementing the overall design was put to the test merely one week before the studio opened its doors for business. Without fail, her precise measurements, adherence to parameters, and ingenious recommendations concerning flow, positioning, and functionality resulted in a truly magnificent product which we proudly display each day during business hours. Teresa Lipsey of TL Designs is a must for any design project, large or small, and has established herself as a designer of the highest caliber. Thank you Teresa and thank you TL Designs for such a professional job!” – Freedom Carlson, owner of Elements Massage in Westminster, Colorado


715vwvp5zel Teresa came highly recommended through a community resource webpage and she has NOT disappointed! I hired her to help me make my formal living room and dining room a usable and beautiful space. She immediately “got” my style and found items for me that were within my budget and most importantly that I loved. She submitted a formal written design plan with 3 different layout options, all of which were fabulous. Her attention to detail and ability to choose just the right color, chair, rug, curtain- whatever it is- is really amazing. She is also just really fun to be around, and makes the somewhat overwhelming task of decorating your home really enjoyable. She has taught me how to have fun with it, and she’s also taught me how to find things on my own, which is invaluable. Everyone who enters my home comments on how beautiful my space is- and I LOVE being in it as well. I feel very comfortable asking her advice on anything in my home, and have full faith in her ability to design a room that would fit my style perfectly. Teresa is extremely responsive and I know I can count on her to continue to help me create the perfect living spaces in my home.” – Alison M.

715vwvp5zel “When we hired Teresa to help us redecorate, neither one of us really had any tangible idea of what we wanted the final outcome to look like. Teresa listened to our initially vague expectations and clarified our vision from picking out paint schematics, to shopping with us for accent pieces and furniture, to arranging and hanging everything. Our house is now a home, with the living room transformed into a cozy yet chic space, touched with antique and vintage pieces throughout. Our bedroom is a space, truly custom-made for just us. Each night stand, lamp, accent chair and decorative item was hand selected using Teresa’s intelligible understanding of our ambiguous vision. It is now the bedroom that we had always knew we wanted, without knowing how to actualize ourselves. It is romantic, soft, inviting and special. Our home is a reflection of who we are and we couldn’t have done it without Teresa and TL Designs!”  – Katyie W.

715vwvp5zel “Teresa has incredible talent. Her eye for what works in a space is incredible – color, furniture placement, art, etc. She is a natural for seeing what those of us without this creative gift cannot. She is very prompt and hard working. Teresa helped me with paint selection, furniture layout and art placement on our main floor of our house. I was so happy with the outcome. She created a very warm and inviting main level.”   – JoBeth H.


715vwvp5zel “Teresa did a fabulous job helping us on two different projects! From a huge kitchen remodel to a complete family room furniture & decor change – she was able to listen to our general input & run with the ideas. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome!”  – Julie T.

715vwvp5zel “I have been working with Teresa Lipsey of TL Designs to select paint colors for our house. The paint colors she selected are perfect and exactly what we had in mind when we decided to update our design. I will be using Teresa for advice while we update all of our furniture, flooring, and kitchen this year. It is really great having someone knowledgeable with a great design eye with you when making purchases, selecting colors, accents, etc. She really gets to know and understand your style and personality so she can make decisions that are sure to make you happy long term.”  – Coreda E.

715vwvp5zel “If you are looking for an interior designer who will take the time to understand what your style is and deliver great results, then you have found her. Teresa Lipsey helped my wife and I decorate our home. She took our plain 5,000 sq. ft. house with white walls and helped us turn it into what our friends and family call a “Show Home”. She has a knack of being able to find the perfect décor. She helped us with paint colors, lighting, furniture, wall hangings, and all the decorations. She worked hard to impress and truly helped us find our style. She turned a house into our home. I have no doubt you will be satisfied with her service. Best of all, she is fun to work with, loves her job, and is a true professional.”    – Jason L.

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