Color, texture, pattern – oh my!

These Broomfield, CO clients were very open to introducing dramatic colors and patterns into their master suite. We’re in the final stages of painting the entire bedroom a beautiful dark navy but here are some progress photos!

All of the selections you see in this bedroom were consciously and carefully selected from at least 10 different places, both locally and online. THIS is how you create an incredibly unique space.

The Master Closet

Amber Warlock (designer with The Closet Factory) along with the clients and myself designed the perfect closet.

My client fell in LOVE with a specific fabric at Arhaus so we selected a chair and had it custom ordered JUST for this space. Then together we designed the rest of the closet around it.

What an inspiring and vibrant space to feel each day. When my clients’ spaces feel good, they feel good. When they feel good, I feel good.

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