This was a very exciting and unique job. I was approached by a friend of mine who’s parents were leaving town for the weekend to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. She provided me with a budget and trusted me and my painter to come in over the weekend and do the following:

-Paint and Redecorate Guest Room and Bath using existing and new furniture and accessories.

-Paint Kitchen, Living Room and Main Level Bath & ReDecorate all.

-Furniture and Accessory RE-Placement throughout the Formal Sitting Room & Formal Dining Room

As we stood inside, eagerly waiting their return, she and her husband finally drove up to the house. As they were away celebrating, they had no idea what was going on in their home. As she opened the door, I greeted her. She said, “Who are you?”

I laughed and said, “I’m the decorator!”

As she looked around her “new” home, her mouth dropped wide open. She didn’t say a word.

Honestly… I thought she hated it. But I remained silent hoping this wasn’t the case…

After walking through her entire home, which had been drastically changed, she decided to take a seat in her new chair in her newly decorated guest room and with tears in her eyes she said,

“I love it. I am so glad you did this. I can finally invite family to stay with us knowing they will feel welcomed and comfortable.

Thank you so much.”

Then I cried. 🙂 Because this client is EXACTLY why I do this.

It makes people happy and have a sense of pride in their home.


Sangster Before (8) Sangster Before (9) Sangster Before (10)

Sangster Before (2) Sangster Before (3) Sangster Before (4)

Sangster Before (1) Sangster Before (13)

215568_10150212690500600_4365440_n 207965_10150212690350600_2234964_n


  Sangster 004  Sangster 006 Sangster 036  Sangster 038

Sangster 008 Sangster 009 Sangster 013

Sangster 011 Sangster 012

217268_10150212690975600_2915796_n 215780_10150212691195600_3615469_n

 206357_10150212690270600_5804820_n Sangster 027

Happy Client 🙂 Mission Accomplished.

Sangster 001

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